Attracting Buyers: Telling a Story Through Your Listings

Attracting Buyers: Telling a Story Through Your Listings

Do your listings engage the reader and entice them to see the property? With creative listing descriptions, realtors should craft a story with a unique headline that will draw in viewers.

While many realtors believe they are simply selling another home, they should realize they are really selling a lifestyle to a homeowner. The headline, photos and listing shouldn’t be directed toward any buyer, but the right buyer. By narrowing your selected target audience, you will focus your energy on attracting visitors who are most likely to purchase. This focused market of buyers may not just be limited to one group, but possibly a few different types of potential buyers who may be suited to the benefits of the property.


Listing descriptions that simply include features of the home are boring. Your viewers will be able to view specifics in the listed details you provide, so there is no need to simply reiterate them in the description. Rather than bore potential home owners with a redundant recall of the bathroom count and lot size, intrigue them by telling a story.

Starting at the Beginning

Your headline is what first appears to the viewer sifting through listings and it should be the start of the story you want to tell. What many marketing professionals in other businesses have discovered are the importance of a captivating headline. The title of your listing should contain creative words that will catch the attention of your target audience.

  • Choose a few creative descriptive words to add to your title
  • Craft your title to the audience who would take interest in the property
  • Include a surprising and positive feature of the home in the title
  • Add a closing line to your description to tie the headline into the article

Limit Your Characters

Your listing doesn’t have to be wordy to get the descriptive visual across to the viewer. Paired with beautiful interior and exterior photos, the description can highlight the unique experience this property will give a visitor. Describing a spacious entryway experience might note the ease of hanging your jacket in the spacious coat closet. Appealing to size, character, design, upkeep and location are some of the ways you can begin to appeal to the reader.

Change Your Approach

With a few extra minutes you can craft multiple versions of your listing description based on the different target groups you believe would have an interest in the property. Each special listing should focus on a different special feature of the home that would appeal to a specific type of buyer. These different descriptions can then be interchanged frequently in the listing and will attract different types of potential buyers.

While these extra steps certainly aren’t required when listing a home, the seller will appreciate an “above and beyond” approach to listing and you will benefit from an increase in requested showings.

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