Carter Campbell

NMLS # 918947

About Carter

My name is Carter Campbell. My friends say I’m old… I guess that’s what I get for being about 30 years younger than the average professional in my industry, which is 55.

A few things that I’m not, in no particular order; I did not graduate from Harvard, I’m not a best-selling author, keynote speaker, nor have I been featured in an Entrepreneur magazine. I’m not musically talented, nor have I performed on live tv. I’m not a professional golfer, although I wish I could be, I’m still working on hitting them straight.

A few things that I can say that I am, which I hope this list continues to get longer, include the following; I am a mortgage professional, who strives to develop a friendship with all clients and referral partners. I work in an imperfect industry, which has been known to be difficult, but my vision, is to help ease some of the burden from clients, and create a more pleasant experience. Let’s face it, getting a mortgage can be very difficult, but if you have a cool person working with you, it makes it a little better than just a “demanding documents” person. I will commit to doing a great job. I love doing what I do, and will be more than just a professional, I want to be someone that you feel like you can call for any question that you may have. I will be proactive instead of reactive. Let’s get you a mortgage!

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