A Thank You from Make-A-Wish Utah

We received an amazing thank you from Make-A-Wish Utah. Our partnership with Make-A-Wish Utah last year was life changing for not only myself, but our entire team and the impact we made in the community will forever be something we are proud of. Make-A-Wish let us know from our contributions they were able to grant 20 wishes to kids in Utah, this is AMAZING!! Throughout our partnership we witnessed time and time again that there truly is an invisible, unspoken power of a wish. A wish renews hope, uplifts spirits, encourages belief in the impossible, and gives these kids and their families the courage to fight against their disease and, in most cases, survive it. If you have the opportunity to support Make-A-Wish Utah and the kids under their care, you should take the chance and run with it. The positive impact our partnership had was not only felt in by every member of our company but rippled throughout our community as a whole. Make-A-Wish is changing lives and they can’t do it without the generosity and support of donors like us. I’m grateful for the experience to work with Make-A-Wish Utah, for my staff, and for everyone that helped us reach our goal to donate $100,000 in 2021 - we couldn’t have done it without you!

"The only thing more powerful than fear is hope"

“Utah Business Raising $100,000 to Grant Children’s Wishes”

Exciting News!
ALV Mortgage was featured in Nugent Magazine for our partnership with Make-A-Wish Utah
If you'd like to donate to help us reach our goal use this link and I will 100% match your donation:

Make a Wish UTAH

You may have heard that ALV Mortgage has partnered with Make-A-Wish Utah to help raise $100,000 this year for wish kids in Utah.  I'm happy to report we are now over halfway to our goal, with a total of $51,450 raised! 

However, we still need your help to reach our goal this year.

Much like everyone else, the Make-A-Wish foundation was greatly impacted by the travel and economic concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their ability to grant wishes was cut almost in half.

These wishes are essential for critically ill children in Utah. A wish is meant to not only exceed their imagination, but build their spirits, give them courage to fight against their disease and, in most cases, survive it.

It is only through the generous support of donors like you that these life-changing wishes are able to be granted and provide these kids, their families, and our communities with much-needed hope for brighter days ahead.

If you would like to help us reach our goal and provide essential hope for children in Utahplease use this link to donate and ALV Mortgage will 100% match your donation.

"The only thing more powerful than fear is hope"


ALV Mortgage Interviews Make-A-Wish Utah   Our President and CEO was able to sit down for a social distanced interview with Make-A-Wish Utah CDO Daniel Dudley to learn more about what the foundation is truly about and how they are making a difference for children in Utah. Please unite with ALV Mortgage to help Make-A-Wish Utah grant more amazing wishes this year. Use our link to donate ( and ALV Mortgage will 100% match all donations up to $50,000. Donate today!

The Hope of a Wish- 2021 Make a Wish Utah Partnership

Charity has always been important to me. I have always believed that I was put on earth for a reason and that reason is to help people. For a while now I have been searching for a cause that I could really believe in and partner with. Over the years I have donated and volunteered for many organizations such as the Utah food bank, A Christmas Box house, etc. While these organizations are all worthy causes and I love volunteering I never found the connection that I was searching for. Last month I was calling some past clients with the goal of soliciting them for a refinance. (What can I say, it’s what I do) When I got to Summer Ehrmann who I helped buy a house a few years ago. She politely listened to my pitch and then let me know at this time she wasn’t interested in refinancing. But she had been thinking about me a lot lately, and she would like to meet with me to discuss an opportunity… I was scared it was going to be another MLM pitch and felt trapped. I didn’t really want her to come and talk to me about an “opportunity”. But she has done business with me in the past and I respect and appreciate her, so I said yes. When we got together, she let me know that since moving to Utah she had become the Special Projects Administrator for the Make a Wish Foundation and wanted to talk about partnership opportunities. (I was instantly relieved this was not a Vitamin pitch) I had never thought about the Make A Wish foundation seriously. I had seen their stories on the news about a child who had a fun and extravagant wish come true. It always warmed my heart, but I also always wondered could that money have been spent on feeding the hungry or something that would benefit more people. At the time I did not understand what Make A Wish was all about. During our meeting with Summer, I learned that Make A Wish was truly about providing HOPE. I have always believed in “the secret” or that positive energy changes lives. But Summer shared with me research that shows that a wish (hope) can give these kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness. During this meeting Summer shared the story of 12-year-old wish kid Elijah who has been diagnosed with cancer and had a wish for inventor's shed. Make a Wish made his wish come through by building him his own inventor shed right in his backyard. After hearing Summer’s stories, I knew I had found my cause. And it is not about providing an extravagant gift to a young boy, it is about providing hope and transforming lives. It is about giving hope to those living with a chronic condition. There is an invisible unspoken power of a wish. A wish renews hope, uplifts spirits, and encourages the belief in the impossible. A wish can forever transform lives. Providing hope for those wanting to save for a down payment. Providing hope for those wanting to increase their income. Providing hope for those who seek the financial security and safety of owning their own home. Whether your wish is to overcome a critical illness, stop living paycheck to paycheck, own a home of your own, or become debt free, I believe in you and your wish. I wish to raise $100,000. Please unite with me this year in making wishes come true. Use our link ( to Donate to Make a Wish and ALV Mortgage will 100% match all donations up to $50,000.

The Christmas Box House

Three weeks ago I was at my bank sending a wire when the banker found out I was from Richfield. He told me he lived in Richfield for a while. Surprised, I asked how he ended up living in Richfield and he told me he was there living in a boy’s home for a few years. I had known about the boy’s homes in the area and had previously thought they were only for kids who had gotten in trouble. I made a joke, (a bad one) about what he could have possibly done to get sent to a boy’s home. It turns out he never got in trouble...not really. He goes on to tell me that when he was young his parents got sent to jail. Him and his brother moved in with their 80-year-old Grandmother. One Christmas his mother promised them that a box of toys and gifts would be coming in the mail for Christmas. By Christmas day the box had not arrived. His Grandmother had not bought them anything, but they were not discouraged. They figured it just got caught in the mail and would be there soon. The day before school was to start his mother’s package had not come. He and his brother were so embarrassed that they hadn’t receive at least one new Christmas sweater that they didn’t want to go to school and have any of their friends ask them what they received for Christmas. They decided the best thing to do was skip school until their mother’s Christmas box arrived. After about a week of not going to school the Division of Child and Family Services showed up and they were removed from their Grandmother’s home. The Utah Foster Care System was full at the time and had no place for them. They were sent to live at a boy’s home near Richfield. Despite this boy’s home being rough (as most of the kids there had gotten in major trouble) he went on to tell me how great of a time he had living there and how he wouldn’t be the man he is today without that experience. His story affected me and stuck with me the past few weeks, partly because I felt terrible about the bad joke I made and partly because no child should have to go through Christmas without a single gift. I wanted to do something to help foster children, so I called The Christmas Box House, a non-profit organization, that serves children in the foster care system and operates an emergency children’s shelter and asked them what I could do to help. They sent me an urgent needs list. I accepted this list as a challenge and decided to donate $100 worth of goods for every item on their urgent needs list. If you would like to donate here is a current list of they need: