Anthony VanDyke

Anthony’s Favorite Fall Family Activities

October is one of my favorite times of year! The days become shorter, nights become cooler and the colors of autumn are in full bloom. It is a great time to spend with family and friends doing fun activities before we bunker down in our houses for winter. I feel especially lucky that I get to experience fall in one of the most gorgeous states in the country, Utah. Although this year is different from years in the past my love for the October season remains the same.

Here are my favorite things to do during the fall time:

1. Drive the Alpine Loop and hike to Cascade Springs:

After traveling the Alpine Loop there is a short hike to Cascade Springs. A gorgeous waterfall that is even more beautiful in the fall time.

2. Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point:

Sadly we aren't attending this year, but it is a fun Halloween corn maze festival. I highly recommend giving it a try if you have never been before.

3. Watch Hocus Pocus

This is my favorite Halloween movie. I don't think there has been a Halloween seen its' release that I haven't watched the film. A true classic for sure!

4. Trick or Treating in our neighborhood.

Edita and I are not quite sure how this is going to go this year. I've seen a lot of candy chutes by people getting creative due to the current state of the pandemic so that the Halloween tradition may be able to continue. Jury is still out on whether or not we will be partaking in the tradition this year.

5. Eating my kids candy after they go to bed.

This tradition Edita and I will most definitely be partaking in. Whether we eat their candy from school or the candy we buy for them that we eat after bedtime, there will be lots of candy eaten. But isn't this just one of the perks of having kids?

6. Wearing Sweaters

I love that the weather cools down enough to wear sweaters every day. They are a lot cozier than a business suit.

7. I always want to be in the mountains during the fall

Whether we are driving to Park City, hiking Bell Canyon, or just exploring around our home city of Draper I am always looking at the Utah mountains. They are officially covered in the colors of fall and there is nothing quite like seeing them every day. Utah has the best mountains in the country if I do say so myself.   Although I don't get to enjoy all of my normal Halloween traditions this year, I am still taking the time to appreciate the amazing weather, gorgeous Utah mountain views, and the time I get to spend with my family. Like they say, "when we have each other, we have everything" Wishing you all a happy fall!

101 Things We Are Grateful For

  1. Neal is eating his dinner so nicely
  2. The weather was so good we could play golf  today
  3. grateful that Neal has his own golf clubs
  4. Jesus Christ - Because Daisy loves him
  5. Edita is grateful that Anthony puts up with her ideas and imperfections
  6. Anthony is grateful he was able to go to the Core Summit this week.
  7. Neal is grateful for star wars water bottles
  8. Daisy is grateful for balloons 
  9. Edita is grateful for our beautiful house and good neighbors
  10. Anthony is also grateful for our warm and comfortable and safe house
  11. Neal is grateful for his whole family because they are so sweet and love Neal
  12. Daisy is grateful for food
  13. Edita is grateful that today at church neal said, "Mom, I love to be at church"
  14. I am grateful for the amount of savings we have
  15. Neal is grateful for our couch, tv, and blanket so he can be warm and have movie nights
  16. Anthony is grateful for his office
  17. Daisy is grateful for her ears because ears help her listen
  18. Edita is grateful for her children who love her and forgive her.
  19. Anthony is also grateful for forgiveness
  20. Neal is grateful for couch cushions, because he can jump on them and they are squishy and he can make forts
  21. Daisy is grateful for cats and yarn
  22. Edita is grateful for Anthony's job and that he can provide for us
  23. Daisy is grateful for the whole world
  24. Edita is grateful for our good health
  25. We are grateful that heavenly father answers our prayers
  26. Daisy is grateful for the holy ghost
  27. Neal is grateful for Jesus because he can heal us when we are not feeling good and have owies
  28. Anthony is grateful for his parents who taught him and allowed him to work at the shop
  29. Daisy is grateful for her toy ring
  30. Daisy is grateful for apples and bananas
  31. neal is grateful because he gives us so many gifts in the whole world
  32. Edita is grateful that heavenly father answers our prayers
  33. Anthony is grateful for his car and that he can drive anywhere
  34. Edita is grateful for a safe car
  35. Edita is grateful that when dad goes on trips he always comes back home to us
  36. I am grateful that we have bikes and can go on family bike rides
  37. I am grateful for our fridge that we can store food
  38. Neal is grateful for his teacher and friends at school
  39. Edita is grateful for today's medicine that it can help people
  40. Anthony is grateful to those who fought in wars to help secure our freedom
  41. We are grateful nanna is coming for christmas
  42. We are grateful for Sally and LeGrand
  43. Daisy is grateful for her body
  44. We are grateful for indoor plumbing, Edita's father grew up in a house with a outhouse
  45. I am grateful for my laptop and that I can research things and do work from anywhere
  46. Edita is grateful for our ward and that the people in our church are so kind and nice
  47. Anthony is grateful for my clients and that they choose to work with me.
  48. Anthony is grateful for my employees
  49. We are grateful for Neal because he is:
    1. A ray of hope
    2. he is our child
    3. he is so kind (most of time)
    4. he is a wonderful example of kindness
    5. he is smart
  50. We are grateful foe Edita because she:
    1. is wonderful
    2. is beautiful
    3. cooks grateful
    4. precious like a rose
    5. always makes sure the house is clean and beautiful
    6. always takes care of us
    7. drives us to all our activities
    8. for neals lunch he takes to school
  51. Edita is grateful for our recent trip to disneyland. She had the best time
  52. Edita is grateful when her children share
  53. I am grateful for warm shoes
  54. Edita is grateful for the internet
  55. I am grateful for growing up in Richfield and the friends I had
  56. I am grateful for kamran and helping be built internet applications
  57. Edita is grateful that she doesn't have a headache
  58. Edita is grateful that we are still married
  59. Daisy is grateful for nursery and primary songs
  60. I am grateful for my guitar and paino
  61. Edita is grateful for our sunday family lessons
  62. Edita is grateful for a dishwasher and washer machine and she doesnt have to do these things by hand
  63. edita is grateful to be alive
  64. I am grateful for Rick Ruby for founding the core and helping me be a better person
  65. Edita is grateful her mom is coming and the tickets for shows/plays she has coming up
  66. I am grateful for my record player and listening to records
  67. i am grateful for each of my employees and how hard they work
  68. I am grateful for Ted and how he cares for the HOA
  69. i am grateful for clean water, indoor plumbing, and sewer systems
  70. I am grateful that I was born in America
  71. Daisy is grateful for mashed potatoes
  72. Edita is grateful for christmas
  73. Anthony is grateful for snow and how it fills our resorvoirs
  74. I am grateful for my grandparents and the love they show for me
  75. I am grateful for a garage and that we do not have to scrap the windows in the morning
  76. I am grateful for the temples being so close
  77. I am grateful for energy
  78. Edita is grateful for Anthony and his idea to write grateful thoughts
  79. I am grateful for my kindle and being able to read any book late at night
  80. Daisy is grateful for her bunny who is so wonderful
  81. I am grateful for being able to shower everyday in hot water
  82. i am grateful for how nicely decorated edita has made our house
  83. Edita is grateful for weekly sacrament at church for forgiveness
  84. Edita is grateful for Daisy's preschool and Neal's school
  85. Grateful that I have the money to travel to different conferences and training events
  86. Grateful for authors who write books that I love to read
  87. Edita is grateful for family gatherings
  88. Anthony is grateful for our yearly vacation to Mexico
  89. Edita is grateful we dont have anymore ants in our house
  90. Anthony is grateful when the kids play quietly
  91. Edita is grateful for a comfortable beds
  92. Anthony is grateful that David Hoffer fixed an issue with one of our applications today
  93. Edita is grateful when her children clean up after theirselves
  94. We are grateful for great movies we watch together
  95. Edita is grateful we have a piano in our house and that Neal is learning how to play
  96. Daisy is grateful for everyone in the whole world
  97. Anthony is grateful for our sauna downstairs
  98. Neal is grateful for lollipops because they are sweet and they are yummy
  99. Neal is grateful for Dad because today dad promised Neal to go on Saturday golfing. Yeah!
  100. Edita is grateful for every moment she gets to spend her family
  101. Daisy is grateful for playing with play dough

Anthony’s Office: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Recently I had a client in my office brainstorming ways she could acquire more rental properties. She was 64 years old and was dressed somewhere between homeless and casual. She already owned 12 properties, seven of which were owned free and clear, but she wanted more. I was amazed and wanted to learn more about how she acquired and paid off so many investment properties, so I asked how she did it. She told me her story as she was double dunking a week old donut into her coffee (don’t ask me why we had week old donuts in the office, we just did). I warned her the donuts were a week old and she still ate two. It was 1976, she was 22 years old, and living in an apartment building across the street from the University. She had the bright idea that she would like to own the apartment building. She strolled into her bank, sat down with the bank officer and told her she would like to buy the apartment building she was living in. The bank officer started rolling in his chair with laughter; he couldn’t believe his ears. He brought the bank manager into his office to have her tell him what she came in for and they both started laughing and cracking jokes at her. She had never been so humiliated, crushed in her life. She walked out of there feeling devasted, but also with a profound sense of vengeance and “Screw you!” attitude towards the bank officers. She promised herself she would purchase those apartments and nobody would ever treat her like that again. In the following year, she bought her very first condo. A couple years later, she bought another condo, then another, as well as a single-family home. In the 42 years since her first rejection, she has acquired a total of 12 properties – Did I say seven of which are now owned free and clear? She has not sold a single property. Her average monthly income as a result is over $15,000, a gross income over $180,000 per year. Roadblocks have not been an option for her! Her resulting success is middle finger enough to the nay-sayers that threatened to thwart her from her path. If she would have accepted her initial “no” answer, she surely would not be where she is today. Refusing to take “no” for an answer clearly afforded my client the life she has always dreamed about, perhaps more. At some point in every one of our lives, we face rejection as a natural reaction to be being in alignment with our goals. Life puts many roadblocks in front of us and it is our job as individuals to either let those blocks separate us from what we want or accept them and find ways to overcome them. Challenging the odds and refusing to give up hones our character to be able to defeat obstacles standing in our way. My client’s success did not come overnight. It came brick upon brick or condo upon condo over 42 years. It’s amazing to me what we can accomplish slowly and over time with diligence and staying close to our goals.

I Can See Clearly Now the Glasses Are Gone

You may not know this about me but I have worn glasses since the second grade. My eyesight was so bad my contact lens strength was -7 and my glasses prescription was approximately 20/1600. This means what a regular person sees at 1,600 feet I see at 20 feet. In high school my glasses lenses were so thick the teachers would make fun of me for wearing telescopes/microscopes. I have been thinking of getting Lasik for about a year now and just recently decided to pull the trigger after I was swimming at The Zermatt hotel with my 2 year old son, and couldn’t see him or play with him. I felt disappointed and helpless. My son is pretty good about not touching my glasses now, but for a long time his favorite game was to grab my glasses and throw them across the room. I would then walk around uncomfortably with crooked lenses for a week until I could bend them just right to sit somewhat straight.glasses With a new baby on the way I didn’t want to go through the same thing again. The entire surgery took 14 seconds. I am so amazed by modern technology. They shined bright lights in my eye for 14 seconds and now I can see. I now have better than perfect 20/15 vision. I see a lot of halos around lights at night but I am told this goes away in about a month. Choosing to get Lasik was the best thing I have ever done. I feel so much stronger and more confident, and I love how I look in the mirror. If you have been considering getting Lasik I highly recommend it. It’s like wearing glasses without the glasses. -Anthony

It’s A Girl!!!

It’s Official, we are having a baby girl. My wife is now 6 months pregnant with a due date of February 29th. Every week Pottery Barn keeps bringing more and more pink items to our house. Just 3 days ago I was walking through the Nursery and found new pink drapes & new pink crib sheets. I even found a hidden amazon box of pink baby clothes and booties. Which I discovered was bought before we found out it was a girl… :) Edita is so happy that it’s a girl. In 2013 with our first baby she had a dream that she would have a girl. My wife was so sure it would be a girl. When we did the ultrasound and the Doctor told her it was a boy she cried. With tears streaming down her face she asked the Doctor to check one more time. She now loves our little boy in ways she didn’t know possible and wouldn’t trade him for the world. But she is extremely happy she gets a girl this time. We have been so busy with life, work, and our little boy that we haven’t had any time to think of names. This morning we asked our son Neal what we should name his baby sister and his immediate answer was “Daisy.” He gave his answer confidently then went right back to coloring. The pregnancy is going well. My wife is tired a lot, but no longer sick. The baby is healthy. My wife says this is it. At this point she doesn’t want to go through another pregnancy and is completely happy with 2 children. But I have a feeling there could be one more in the future. Stay tuned...  

Soon To Be A Party Of 4

We’re Expecting! This party of 3 is about to be a party of 4. The best part is our due date is February 29th. We may have a leap year baby! My wife Edita has just completed her first trimester and is starting to feel better. She has been dealing with a lot of morning sickness but so far this pregnancy is going 10 times better than our first pregnancy. Our son Neal is 2.5 years old. He will turn 3 right before the baby is born. We do not know the sex yet but we do know it is not twins, Thank Goodness. For the last month I have actually been having nightmares that it would be twins. Making the decision to have a second baby is hard. Your first baby is finally to the age where they are fun… and you are choosing to do it all over again? Choosing to have the first baby was easy. We had no idea what we were getting into. Choosing to do it again sounded Ludacris to me. I have been casually mentioning to my wife over the last 6 months that I thought it was time to have another baby. When she finally said yes, I froze. Our roles completely changed. She was now pressuring me to have a baby and I wasn’t ready. I needed more time. (like forever) We are a little nervous but super excited. My wife is hoping for a girl, but I am hoping for a boy. (Strictly for financial reasons though, so I don’t have to buy new nursery decorations and new baby clothes). Whatever we have we will be grateful. We can’t wait until February. Anthony fam