Recent Closings

“Congrats to Erin and Keith on The Purchase of Their First Home!”

Keith and Erin you did it! Erin, I remember the first time we met you were scared like a bunny because you never thought you could buy a house as you have always lived in apartments. Well you did it! I'm so happy for you. Special Thanks to Elario Serrano and Justin Udy for finding the perfect house and making it all happen. -Anthony VanDyke

Congrats to Dawntai!

Congratulations to Dawntai on the closing of your new home. I know the processĀ  was a challenge but we worked through it and made it to the finish line. You're going to love your new house. It was a pleasure working with you and Cody Emery! ISt4rkfy4j8vp70000000000