Success Stories

“Shining Star in Our Home Purchase Process”

Anthony with ALV Mortgage was a fantastic broker to work with! He was the shining star in our home purchase process. We are first time home buyers. Anthony not only worked with me to make sure I know what the process was supposed to look like, but he also worked to ensure that the process happened quickly and smoothly. Interest rates went up during the process, but Anthony worked his magic and was able to get us the rate we were after!

Our loan processer (Rhoda) was incredibly professional and quick on the phone. We had a couple calls and sent several emails along the way with updates.

I would recommend Anthony and ALV Mortgage to everyone! He was able to beat Rocket Mortgage’s rates and fees, and was much quicker!

Jeffrey Green – Salt Lake City



Success Story

Josh K was referred to me by a real estate agent in July of 2014. I found during the initial interview that Josh had a 484 credit score, but he was willing to work with our program.

Josh was just starting a new full-time job and was carrying a lot of credit card debt. As a recent graduate with a Masters, he also had four kids and a real need for housing.

Josh did not know what to do or how to raise his credit score. We created a clear written plan and met monthly to keep him on track. By working closely with Josh month-by-month, we watched his score climb 190 points to a 674. We referred Josh back to the realtor who thought he had a dead lead. Instead, the agent earned a $10,000 commission and a very happy client.

If you have any clients that were turned down due to a terrible credit score I would love to speak to them. As with Josh, even a score as low as 484 can often be repaired with our comprehensive approach and monthly follow up. We offer a free Second-Chance Review, which includes a detailed written plan, free credit repair, and monthly follow up. We help them stay on target until they have a score that will qualify. Send us one lead and we’ll work to deliver you a qualified buyer.

Justin Udy License #- 5644452-SA00 from Century 21 Everest Realty Group said “I knew this buyer’s credit was a challenge. There is only one person I knew I could trust to get this done. If there is anyone that can resurrect a dead deal it’s my go to lender Anthony.”







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