Summer Events in Utah

Looking for fun activities to do in Utah this summer? Here is a list of some of our favorites!  Summer Hikes:

-Donut Falls: a simple hike that leads to an incredibly unique waterfall

-Lagoon Trail : located in Farmington along the back of the Lagoon amusement park, very family friendly hiking trail to take you along the Farmington Creek

-McPolin Farm Nature Trail : this happens to be one of my family's favorite places in Utah. Located on McPolin Farm in Park City and home to the iconic barn this trail is perfect for a family outing. 


-Located in Farmington Lagoon is Utah's biggest amusement park and features rides and attractions for all ages. The Park features over 60 thrilling rides, 40 challenging games, live entertainment, the largest "kiddie land" of any amusement park in the nation, the historic Pioneer Village, and a campground where you can camp out for a few days of fun. It also features Lagoon-A-Beach water park. Lagoon's Roller Coaster, or what locals call the White Roller Coaster, is one of the oldest operating wooden coasters in the world. 

Fun fact: Lagoon is even mentioned in the famous Beach Boys Song - Salt Lake City! "All the kids dig the Lagoon now" 

Utah Shakespeare Festival:

-Located in Southern Utah (Cedar City, UT) the Shakespeare Festival produces eight or nine professional plays over the course of a sixteen week season. If you love the theatre and live performances this festival is for you! 

Pioneer Park Farmer's Market:

-Every Saturday from June 4th to October 22nd you can stop by Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City (350 West 300 South) from 8am-2pm to explore a wide variety of local farms and businesses.

Draper Days:

-We reside in Draper so we love taking part in the Draper Days festivities. This year there are many events from July 5th-16th. The event typically features a festival, parade, 5K race, sports tournaments, movie nights, concerts, and my family favorite a rodeo! 

-If you don't live near Draper many Utah cities host their own community events: SoJo SummerFest, Butlerville Days, Riverton Town Days, Iron County Fair, and many more! 

Utah Days of '47 Rodeo:

-Located in the Utah State Fair Park, the Days of ’47 Rodeo is one of Utah's longest-standing traditions to celebrate Utah Heritage. This year the event is being held over July 20-23rd and 25th. The parade portion of the event will be held on July 23rd you can find out more here

Salt Lake Bees Game:

-Playing at the Smith’s ballpark throughout the summer, a Bees game is the perfect summer activity! From Tuesday Family Nights to themed games like Superhero Night, and firework shows the Bees stadium is great for families. Be sure to get a picture with the Bee’s Mascot – Bumble, take a ride on the train, eat ice cream out of helmet, and try their specialty hot dogs!

REAL or Utah Royals Game:

-Now through October get tickets at the Rio Tinto Stadium to watch the REAL or Utah Royals soccer teams. Plus, here’s also another chance to get a photo with an awesome mascot – Leo the Lion!

  Utah is amazing in the summertime and there is always something fun to take the family to do. Be sure to add a few of these events to your summer bucket list this year! 

Are We Headed for a Housing Crash?

The media has been throwing around the idea that we’re headed for a housing crash. But is this really the case? To answer this question, we need to look at the number one law of economics: supply and demand. Demand is measured by Household Formations, meaning someone is occupying a new property without relinquishing or selling one, like a kid who’s moving out of his parents’ house for the first time. Right now, in the US there are 1.4 million households being formed per year. Then we have supply, which comes in the form of new construction. Here we look at Housing Completions, or homes ready to move into, which currently equals 1.2 million, after counting for those being replaced. This means that demand for homes remains greater than available completed inventory or supply, which bodes well for home prices being supported. What does appreciation look like in your area? Just put your zip code in the comments and I’ll send over a report with your local data.

Now Offering Utah Housing!

We are excited to announce we are now offering Utah Housing for first-time home buyers!

Due to the highly competitive market, it’s a harsh reality that first-time buyers might need an extra boost to gain entry into the market. This Utah Housing program can give them the support they need!

The program is dedicated to increasing accessible and affordable housing throughout the state of Utah, which is why they offer several mortgage loan programs to help first time buyers be able to purchase a home. These 30-year fixed-rate loans range from FHA and VA loans to conventional loans.

If cash at closing is a problem for you, the Down Payment Assistance Second Mortgage program could help you purchase with little to no cash investment. Basically, it’s like taking out a first and second mortgage, and the second mortgage covers your down payment.

A client of ours that used the Utah Housing program for their down payment had this to say, “Working with ALV made the initially terrifying process of buying my first home feel so much more doable. They connected me with a great program that assisted me with my down payment, which made all the difference when I submitted an offer on the home we loved. I’m grateful for the team’s patience in explaining everything to me and always being available for phone calls when I needed clarification. ALV did a great job working with us through the process and helping us make our first home purchase a possibility.”

We can provide the same experience for you! We’ll take the time to explain the ins and outs of the program and be readily available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

If you are worried that your lack of down payment may affect your chances of competing in the market, although it can be a challenge there are programs like this out there that are dedicated to helping more first-time buyers get homes.

If you think you or someone you know could benefit from this program, reach out and let’s review your situation, and get you qualified so you can begin your home search!


Market Update: More Inventory Available

In the last month we have seen the housing market start shifting and we are seeing early signs of the market cooling off. People keep asking if the market is going to crash, and I don’t think it’s going to. It feels like the we have hit a plateau in pricing and that the market is beginning to soften. We are still very much in a seller’s market, but we are seeing the market start shift and make strides towards a different environment, one that puts an ease on purchasing. With more inventory becoming available on the market in the last month there is now twice as many homes for sell! As you can see from the chart at this time last year there was only about 2,700 active listing available for purchase. At the end of May this year we had over 5,000 active listings. This means purchasing today may be easier than it was at this time last year. There are twice as many homes to choose from, which means more opportunities for buyers to purchase! I spoke with a realtor recently who had two listings that lasted on market for 13 days, which is twice as long as the usual turn time we have been seeing the last two years. When they did finally receive offers for these listings each home only got one offer each. Interestingly enough each offer was still above list price. All of this together is equating to a calmer market for buyers to compete in. There are more options today, which means it could be much easier to go under contract. Although it may feel like a challenging time to purchase, it’s not impossible. This increase in inventory has already brought a positive shift to the market and eased some of the heat from the overwhelming seller’s market buyers have been caught in the last few years. If you got demotivated last year because you couldn't find anything you liked, there is more inventory available today giving you the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for. We always say the right house comes along at the right time and this increase in available inventory could be the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Utah Spring Events

Spring Events in Utah

Looking to get out and have some fun with your family? Utah has no shortage of festivals and special events throughout the year to help make your next visit an adventure you’ll never forget. Here are a few of the best spring events happening in Utah: -See Cherry Blossoms At The State Capitol: walk around the grounds of the Capitol to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees, prime time is late-March to early-April right after bloom -Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival: located in the Ashton Gardens from April - May, walk the grounds to see the beautiful flowers and you can even take a few tulips home -Bee's Baseball Game: playing at the Smith's ballpark throughout the spring and summer, the ballpark hosts Tuesday Family Nights and themed games like Superhero Night, they also have a few firework shows throughout the summer (weather permitting). Be sure to get a picture with the Bee's Mascot - Bumble, while you are there! -Walk around the Red Butte Garden: the gardens in bloom are beautiful, the center also hosts multiple events such as the Garden Poetry Walk, Art at the Main Exhibit, and Orchid Shows. Fun for the whole family! -REAL Salt Lake Soccer Game at the Rio Tinto Stadium: the RSL team has games from now until October with many games offering fun theme nights. Plus, here's also another chance to get a photo with an awesome mascot - Leo the Lion! -Also if you enjoy hiking check out our blog for Kid-Friendly Utah Hiking Trails    Utah always has fun events and festivals going on across the state, it's one of the things that makes it such a great place for families!

7 Kid-Friendly Hikes in Utah

With the weather getting warmer and the snow beginning to disappear from the mountains, my wife and I like to take our kids out to hike at some beautiful locations around Utah.

Here are a few of our family's favorite kid-friendly Utah hikes:

-Bell Canyon Reservoir: Located right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, just under 3 miles to the small reservoir. It is a bit of a climb with gradual steep trail but well worth it. -Silver Lake Loop Trail: Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, just under 0.9 miles, a very easy route and perfect for kids. Great views and easy trail. -Adams Canyon:  Located near Layton, this one may be better for older kids, as the steep hill and switchbacks can be challenging. The trail itself is easy but getting to the waterfall can be the challenging portion, but well worth the effort. -Cecret Lake: Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, 1.8  mile hike that's fairly easy and can be completed in an hour. Beautiful lake view with a mountain backdrop! -Cascade Springs: Located near Midway, fairly easy and quick to complete. We like to spend our time walking around to see all the beautiful trees especially in the fall after the leaves change. -Ensign Peak: Located at the north end of the Salt Lake Valley, above the State Capitol building. It leads to an amazing view of Salt Lake City and takes less than an hour to reach. We like to take food for a picnic and watch the sunset. -Living Room Lookout Trail: A 2.4-mile trail near Salt Lake City, Utah. The trail starts out near Red Butte Gardens. Generally it takes an hour and a half to complete, we did this hike most recently with our kids and they loved it. It's another great view of the valley and the kids loved seeing the rocks at the top that look like couches and chairs.   Hiking is a fun way to get the kids out of the house and exploring some of the beautiful nature we have here in Utah. I highly recommend adding a few of these spots to your summer bucket list!