FHA Loans for Resident Immigrants

FHA Loans for Resident Immigrants

For immigrants wanting to own a home, FHA loans are great. However, FHA loans have certain requirements for borrowers including immigrants. Immigrants are allowed to purchase a home provided they reach certain standards which are determined by the Federal Housing Administration. Citizenship is not a requirement, but there are FHA loan guidelines specifically for FHA purchase mortgages for non US Citizens which require the immigrant to have residency and the likelihood that residency will continue.

Non-U.S. citizens who do not have lawful residency are not eligible for FHA insured mortgages. Immigrants who have legal permanent resident alien status or green cards are able to obtain an FHA mortgage and are given the same terms and conditions as those for U.S. citizens. Even Immigrants who do not have permanent residency status are eligible for FHA loans, however they must have a history of residency approvals from the government and they must be able to document that they will likely receive residency approval the next time they have to renew. The USCIS provides documentation necessary to document this status. Borrowers must use FHA loans for their principal residence and the immigrant must have a valid social security number and be eligible to work in the U.S. A social security card is not viewed as reasonable documentation of work status and cannot be used in this way.

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