Find a Home to Fit your Needs in 2022

Find a Home to Fit your Needs in 2022

The demand for housing and the housing market are expected to remain strong in 2022. Sales of existing homes are projected to increase. This increase is expected to come from younger millennials who are competing with older members of Gen Z for starter homes, baby boomers who are looking to downsize and many renters are seeking to buy their first home.

The demand is being fueled by mortgage rates staying at record lows, and from the last two years experiencing showing many individuals they need different housing than what they have needed in years past. A lot of families are realizing their current living situation no longer serves their needs.

Young families typically start off in a smaller home. However, once you have one kid a smaller space gets tight, as you continue to expand your family you can find less and less room to live comfortably. A lot of families don’t realize they even had this problem until the pandemic forced us all into our homes.

If you are in a similar situation where your house used to fit your family and lifestyle, but you have realized it no longer does, it may be time to look into an upgrade.

A bigger home could allow you to have a dedicated home office to work from home more comfortably, and enough space to think about expanding your family in the new year. No more losing sanity because of a lack of space when everyone is home at once.

Plus, with low interest rates you may be able to afford more than ever before! You may be able to purchase a bigger or more expensive home for the same or lower monthly payment than you are currently paying.

Why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity? Now is the perfect time for you to upgrade to the home of their dreams! Give me a call and let’s discuss your options for selling and buying a new home that better fits your needs.

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