It’s A Girl!!!

It’s A Girl!!!

It’s Official, we are having a baby girl. My wife is now 6 months pregnant with a due date of February 29th. Every week Pottery Barn keeps bringing more and more pink items to our house. Just 3 days ago I was walking through the Nursery and found new pink drapes & new pink crib sheets. I even found a hidden amazon box of pink baby clothes and booties. Which I discovered was bought before we found out it was a girl… 🙂

Edita is so happy that it’s a girl. In 2013 with our first baby she had a dream that she would have a girl. My wife was so sure it would be a girl. When we did the ultrasound and the Doctor told her it was a boy she cried. With tears streaming down her face she asked the Doctor to check one more time. She now loves our little boy in ways she didn’t know possible and wouldn’t trade him for the world. But she is extremely happy she gets a girl this time.

We have been so busy with life, work, and our little boy that we haven’t had any time to think of names. This morning we asked our son Neal what we should name his baby sister and his immediate answer was “Daisy.” He gave his answer confidently then went right back to coloring.

The pregnancy is going well. My wife is tired a lot, but no longer sick. The baby is healthy. My wife says this is it. At this point she doesn’t want to go through another pregnancy and is completely happy with 2 children. But I have a feeling there could be one more in the future. Stay tuned…


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