Kenneth and Billie Jo Petersen Herriman Utah

Kenneth and Billie Jo Petersen Herriman Utah

To: Anthony VanDyke & JR McLaughlin

From: Kenneth & Billie Jo Petersen

Billie Jo and I have come from a difficult background where my ex-wife and her ex-husband had caused serious damage to our credit.  Over the past six years we have worked long and hard to improve our credit so we could purchase a home of our own.  We have made many attempts to buy a home during these years and each time we were told there was no way we could buy a home anytime soon.  During this time I had become very discouraged and believed that we would never be homeowners.

One day Billie Jo was looking at home listings on her computer and she must have hit the right button because a few minutes later JR McLaughlin called her.  Billie explained our situation and after listening to her JR showed optimism in saying that he could get the job done.  True to his word he introduced us to Anthony Van Dyke who went through all kinds of obstacles to get us where we needed to be.  Both Anthony and JR were available to us day and night until we were right where we needed to be.

JR was busy coordinating inspections and showing us homes and completing everything he could from his end while Anthony was communicating with us to put together all of the paper work and documents we needed.  While completing these tasks their offices were made available to help us complete what we needed to.  The office personnel in both the Meridian Title office as well as the Century 21 office were just as helpful.  I explained to them that Billie Jo was a very impatient person and knowing this they were more patient with her and demonstrated to us that we were important to them.

I told JR in a conversation that I didn’t want to deal with someone in a stuffy business suit.  JR and Anthony have been very friendly and down to earth to work with us and today I feel that I can call them a friend.  Where so many over the last six years have given up on us, these two refused to and this has made all of the difference.  I expected buying a home to take several months where they worked together and had us in a home within one month which I found to be very impressive.

If the day comes that I need their services again or if I know anyone looking to buy a home I will most certainly recommend these two great people to help them.  In closing I want to express my appreciation, gratitude and thanks to JR, Anthony as well as their offices and assistants in helping us to get our home where our kids and grandkids can come for a welcomed visit.

With the utmost respect and appreciation,

Kenneth and Billie Jo Petersen
Herriman Utah

P.S. Billie Jo has already started a to do list of tasks for me to complete.


kenneth petersen

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