Soon To Be A Party Of 4

Soon To Be A Party Of 4

We’re Expecting! This party of 3 is about to be a party of 4. The best part is our due date is February 29th. We may have a leap year baby! My wife Edita has just completed her first trimester and is starting to feel better. She has been dealing with a lot of morning sickness but so far this pregnancy is going 10 times better than our first pregnancy.

Our son Neal is 2.5 years old. He will turn 3 right before the baby is born. We do not know the sex yet but we do know it is not twins, Thank Goodness. For the last month I have actually been having nightmares that it would be twins. Making the decision to have a second baby is hard. Your first baby is finally to the age where they are fun… and you are choosing to do it all over again? Choosing to have the first baby was easy. We had no idea what we were getting into. Choosing to do it again sounded Ludacris to me.

I have been casually mentioning to my wife over the last 6 months that I thought it was time to have another baby. When she finally said yes, I froze. Our roles completely changed. She was now pressuring me to have a baby and I wasn’t ready. I needed more time. (like forever) We are a little nervous but super excited. My wife is hoping for a girl, but I am hoping for a boy. (Strictly for financial reasons though, so I don’t have to buy new nursery decorations and new baby clothes). Whatever we have we will be grateful. We can’t wait until February.







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