Success Story

Success Story

Josh K was referred to me by a real estate agent in July of 2014. I found during the initial interview that Josh had a 484 credit score, but he was willing to work with our program.

Josh was just starting a new full-time job and was carrying a lot of credit card debt. As a recent graduate with a Masters, he also had four kids and a real need for housing.

Josh did not know what to do or how to raise his credit score. We created a clear written plan and met monthly to keep him on track. By working closely with Josh month-by-month, we watched his score climb 190 points to a 674. We referred Josh back to the realtor who thought he had a dead lead. Instead, the agent earned a $10,000 commission and a very happy client.

If you have any clients that were turned down due to a terrible credit score I would love to speak to them. As with Josh, even a score as low as 484 can often be repaired with our comprehensive approach and monthly follow up. We offer a free Second-Chance Review, which includes a detailed written plan, free credit repair, and monthly follow up. We help them stay on target until they have a score that will qualify. Send us one lead and we’ll work to deliver you a qualified buyer.

Justin Udy License #- 5644452-SA00 from Century 21 Everest Realty Group said “I knew this buyer’s credit was a challenge. There is only one person I knew I could trust to get this done. If there is anyone that can resurrect a dead deal it’s my go to lender Anthony.”






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