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Low Mortgages Rates are Propelling Wave of Cash-Out Refinances

The continuation of favorably low interest rates has propelled a wave of cash-out refinances, the most we have seen since the financial crisis of 2008. Many think this is cause for concern, but its not; at least not yet. Given the rapid growth in the home process in the last year, the share of cash-out refinances isn't terribly high. There were more during earlier housing booms, including the housing crash 15 years ago. A cash-out refinance allows a borrower to swap their current loan for a new one with a higher balance. So, homeowners can pay off their old mortgage and still have cash left over. A recent report found that in 2020 the amount of equity tapped into through cash-out refinances increased by 42%. These days, it appears that most borrowers are using the funds to pay down other debt and to update their homes. Home improvement spending sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Homeowners are sitting on a lot of home equity right now and what a lot of people are doing is taking this money, getting a cash-out refinance, and using the cash to make renovations to their home. Many projects from adding a screened-in porch, updating a bathroom, creating a home gym or adding an official home office all add to overall value of a home. These are smart moves to make as the improvements are actually going to help their home sell for a significantly higher amount of money in a few years. It's important to do home improvements that are low cost but add the biggest value to your home. Interested in looking into the amount of equity you could tap into? Reach out about a cash-out refinance. Whether you are looking to pay off some debt or complete a home remodel, we can help guide you ever step of the way. Call today! 801.206.4343

*Source: Kiplinger Letter: Vol.98, No.10**


Smart Way to Spend Your Stimulus Check

You may be wondering how to best use the $1,400 payment you may have received as a result of the latest round of stimulus relief. One thing may folks will be doing with their stimulus money is investing it! A recent survey shows that retail investors on average plan to put 37% of their stimulus into stocks. For those investors ages 25-34, the intended share is close to half. Data from the Census Bureau show that of all Americans that received a payment, 15% were putting at least some into savings or investments. One of the best ways to build wealth is by investing. Investing allows you to put your money into accounts that have the potential to bring you a strong return. If you don’t invest, you are missing out on opportunities to increase your financial worth. There is the downside that you have the potential to lose your money in investments, however, if you invest wisely, the potential to gain money is significantly higher than if you never invest. When it comes to investing you don't just have to invest in stocks. You can invest in real estate either through owning your own home, purchasing a home as a rental or vacation property or purchase an investment building. When you invest in real estate, you are putting some of your money into the equity of the property, which is like a forced savings account that can bring you a strong return down the road. Plus, with homes expected to appreciate by 6% in 2021 you could be looking at an amazing return on your investment! Have questions about investing in real estate? Reach out to us by email or give us a call at anytime.