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“Even With the Interest Rates Going Crazy, They…Helped Us Do Everything Possible to Get a Great Rate.”

"Anthony and his team at ALV Mortgage are awesome! This is the second mortgage they have done for us and they are great to work with. Even with the interest rates going crazy, they were patient along the way and helped us do everything possible to get a great rate. Thanks ALV!" -J. Fichthorn

“They Will Be the First Place I Call for the Next One”

"I used ALV Mortgage and have zero regrets! They clearly answered every one of my many questions through out the whole process. They put in the effort to with my situation. They will be the first place I call for the next one."-C. Karamian

“They Really Know Their Stuff and Everything Is Seamless”

"I love working with Anthony and Rhoda at ALV. This is our fourth time financing with ALV and once again it was an amazingly easy experience. They are so great to work with and make getting financing so easy. They really know their stuff and everything is seamless." -R. Simons

“The Process Was So Fast and the Communication With Everyone Was Clear”

"What a great experience! The process was so fast and the communication with everyone was clear and they were so easy to work with. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to other real estate investors and friends." -K. Oneal

“Extremely Good at Diplomatically Solving Difficult Situations”

"Truly went above and beyond to make sure they helped to find the best solution that truly worked for me. Complete pleasure to work with. Great problem solver and extremely good at diplomatically solving difficult situations." -M. Johnson

Let Me Help You, Help Your Buyers

Have you ever had someone start the home buying process with you, only to end up choosing another agent in the end? This can certainly hurt financially, but there is also a sense of betrayal that comes from the client choosing another real estate professional to work with, over you. I believe I can help you to alleviate this, by marketing to customers in a co-branded manner; while they are shopping for a home. When it comes to winning a client’s business, it all comes back to the value you can add to their real estate experience. Equipping yourself with as much valuable information as possible is a surefire way to get the attention of prospective buyers and sellers. Our marketing tool kit includes a lot of beneficial information that your clients might not find elsewhere. These are not just moving tips or gardening secrets; they are highly engaging pieces of information that will help your clients see the financial opportunity in purchasing a home and using us to do it. Tools such as Real Estate Report Cards, Home Appreciation Data, Buy vs Rent Comparisons, Cost of Waiting Analysis, and many others can help position us as true advisors for our clients. The co-branded marketing kit can be sent out in varying intervals and timeframes. From email marketing to open house flyers, these tools can allow you to add real value to your client’s real estate experience. A big mistake many agents make is bombarding their audience with random information. This can be ineffective. Users can simply unsubscribe from you. Emailing them with valuable information that pertains to their situation can help set you apart from other agents who are being sent straight to the spam box. Our digital tools also grant you full transparency throughout the entire loan process with real-time loan tracking. Which in turn will help you provide elite customer service from contract to closing! If you would like to talk more about these tools and what ALV Mortgage can offer your business, let’s set up a call. I would love to connect and see if I can help you, assist your buyers to better navigate this highly competitive market!

The Hope of a Wish- 2021 Make a Wish Utah Partnership

Charity has always been important to me. I have always believed that I was put on earth for a reason and that reason is to help people. For a while now I have been searching for a cause that I could really believe in and partner with. Over the years I have donated and volunteered for many organizations such as the Utah food bank, A Christmas Box house, etc. While these organizations are all worthy causes and I love volunteering I never found the connection that I was searching for. Last month I was calling some past clients with the goal of soliciting them for a refinance. (What can I say, it’s what I do) When I got to Summer Ehrmann who I helped buy a house a few years ago. She politely listened to my pitch and then let me know at this time she wasn’t interested in refinancing. But she had been thinking about me a lot lately, and she would like to meet with me to discuss an opportunity… I was scared it was going to be another MLM pitch and felt trapped. I didn’t really want her to come and talk to me about an “opportunity”. But she has done business with me in the past and I respect and appreciate her, so I said yes. When we got together, she let me know that since moving to Utah she had become the Special Projects Administrator for the Make a Wish Foundation and wanted to talk about partnership opportunities. (I was instantly relieved this was not a Vitamin pitch) I had never thought about the Make A Wish foundation seriously. I had seen their stories on the news about a child who had a fun and extravagant wish come true. It always warmed my heart, but I also always wondered could that money have been spent on feeding the hungry or something that would benefit more people. At the time I did not understand what Make A Wish was all about. During our meeting with Summer, I learned that Make A Wish was truly about providing HOPE. I have always believed in “the secret” or that positive energy changes lives. But Summer shared with me research that shows that a wish (hope) can give these kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness. During this meeting Summer shared the story of 12-year-old wish kid Elijah who has been diagnosed with cancer and had a wish for inventor's shed. Make a Wish made his wish come through by building him his own inventor shed right in his backyard. After hearing Summer’s stories, I knew I had found my cause. And it is not about providing an extravagant gift to a young boy, it is about providing hope and transforming lives. It is about giving hope to those living with a chronic condition. There is an invisible unspoken power of a wish. A wish renews hope, uplifts spirits, and encourages the belief in the impossible. A wish can forever transform lives. Providing hope for those wanting to save for a down payment. Providing hope for those wanting to increase their income. Providing hope for those who seek the financial security and safety of owning their own home. Whether your wish is to overcome a critical illness, stop living paycheck to paycheck, own a home of your own, or become debt free, I believe in you and your wish. I wish to raise $100,000. Please unite with me this year in making wishes come true. Use our link (https://alvmtg.com/wish) to Donate to Make a Wish and ALV Mortgage will 100% match all donations up to $50,000.

New Construction Home in Utah

Struggling to find your dream home? Don’t settle, Build your own! When it comes to a new construction home loan you do not have to work with your builder's preferred lender. You can choose to work with the lender that will help you secure the best deal for your long term financing. Working with ALV Mortgage will help you finalize your construction loan with ease!

Our fast and simple loan process offers you a low wholesale rate, long term financing with fewer closing costs paid out of pocket.

Let us help you take the guess-work out of construction loans, and help you close on your home loan fast.

If a new construction home is on the horizon for you in 2021, let us help you get pre-approved to narrow your search so you can spend more time finding the perfect home you can afford.

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