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Buy First, Sell Later

Buying a new home after your current home has gone under contract and only having less than a week to find a new home can be an extremely stressful situation. One way to make the process of buying a new home easier is to buy first and sell later. Meaning buy your new home, move into it at your leisure, then once your old home is empty, list and sell it. There are many benefits to this strategy. Firstly, this makes it so you only have to move one time and won't have to deal with expensive storage fees or doubled moving expenses. You’ll also have a cushion in case something goes wrong during the process of purchasing the new home. Like in the unfortunate case of a deal falling through, you’ll still have your old home to stay in. It also gives you time to make improvements or repairs on your old home before listing, which can help ensure you receive top dollar offers from interested buyers. To make this type of financing happen there are two major considerations to work out: your down payment AND qualifying for both mortgage payments. Qualifying for both payments can be tough. If you qualify for both payments right away, it’s smooth sailing. If by chance you don’t qualify for both, there is still an option for you. You can convert your existing home to a rental property and use 75 percent of the home to a rental property and use 75 percent of the rental income to offset the existing payment. This strategy works great if you are wanting to acquire rental properties and grow your real estate portfolio. Figuring out the best strategy to purchase and sell your home can be a bit complex and difficult at times. So, you never want to go at the process alone! It is always better to have a trusted mortgage professional on your side. There is never any harm in discussing your situation with a mortgage lender, like me, who will be able to tell you after running a few numbers whether you can make the buy first, sell later strategy work. If you think this is something you would like to look into, give me a call and let's discuss it further.