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Utah Spring Events

Spring Events in Utah

Looking to get out and have some fun with your family? Utah has no shortage of festivals and special events throughout the year to help make your next visit an adventure you’ll never forget. Here are a few of the best spring events happening in Utah: -See Cherry Blossoms At The State Capitol: walk around the grounds of the Capitol to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees, prime time is late-March to early-April right after bloom -Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival: located in the Ashton Gardens from April - May, walk the grounds to see the beautiful flowers and you can even take a few tulips home -Bee's Baseball Game: playing at the Smith's ballpark throughout the spring and summer, the ballpark hosts Tuesday Family Nights and themed games like Superhero Night, they also have a few firework shows throughout the summer (weather permitting). Be sure to get a picture with the Bee's Mascot - Bumble, while you are there! -Walk around the Red Butte Garden: the gardens in bloom are beautiful, the center also hosts multiple events such as the Garden Poetry Walk, Art at the Main Exhibit, and Orchid Shows. Fun for the whole family! -REAL Salt Lake Soccer Game at the Rio Tinto Stadium: the RSL team has games from now until October with many games offering fun theme nights. Plus, here's also another chance to get a photo with an awesome mascot - Leo the Lion! -Also if you enjoy hiking check out our blog for Kid-Friendly Utah Hiking Trails    Utah always has fun events and festivals going on across the state, it's one of the things that makes it such a great place for families!

7 Kid-Friendly Hikes in Utah

With the weather getting warmer and the snow beginning to disappear from the mountains, my wife and I like to take our kids out to hike at some beautiful locations around Utah.

Here are a few of our family's favorite kid-friendly Utah hikes:

-Bell Canyon Reservoir: Located right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, just under 3 miles to the small reservoir. It is a bit of a climb with gradual steep trail but well worth it. -Silver Lake Loop Trail: Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, just under 0.9 miles, a very easy route and perfect for kids. Great views and easy trail. -Adams Canyon:  Located near Layton, this one may be better for older kids, as the steep hill and switchbacks can be challenging. The trail itself is easy but getting to the waterfall can be the challenging portion, but well worth the effort. -Cecret Lake: Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, 1.8  mile hike that's fairly easy and can be completed in an hour. Beautiful lake view with a mountain backdrop! -Cascade Springs: Located near Midway, fairly easy and quick to complete. We like to spend our time walking around to see all the beautiful trees especially in the fall after the leaves change. -Ensign Peak: Located at the north end of the Salt Lake Valley, above the State Capitol building. It leads to an amazing view of Salt Lake City and takes less than an hour to reach. We like to take food for a picnic and watch the sunset. -Living Room Lookout Trail: A 2.4-mile trail near Salt Lake City, Utah. The trail starts out near Red Butte Gardens. Generally it takes an hour and a half to complete, we did this hike most recently with our kids and they loved it. It's another great view of the valley and the kids loved seeing the rocks at the top that look like couches and chairs.   Hiking is a fun way to get the kids out of the house and exploring some of the beautiful nature we have here in Utah. I highly recommend adding a few of these spots to your summer bucket list!