Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Sell a Home Fast

Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Sell a Home Fast

for sale houseSelling a home can be quite a challenge. This rings true for even the best of the best real estate agents. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks-of-the-trade that can be used to make sure a home sells as quickly as possible, which for real estate agents, this means faster access to the commissions they make off selling homes. In fact, one such tip is contacting a highly-qualified loan officer who has connections with home buyers and mortgage loan financing options. If you’re looking for help with selling a home, make sure to contact Anthony VanDyke, President of ALV Mortgage.

Let’s take a quick look at five other marketing tactics to use when it comes to selling a home.

Tip 1) Create social media profiles

If you have failed to create social media profiles for yourself, this can put a damper on your ability to sell homes. When you go about creating these profiles, make sure your professional profiles are separate from your personal ones. Your professional profiles need to be purely about selling homes. Under your professional profiles, you need to list each and every home that you have for sale. And, most importantly, don’t forget to include contact information. There’s nothing worse than having someone interested in a home you’re selling and them not having a way to get a hold of you.

Tip 2) Word of Mouth Advertisement

Nothing beats good ‘ole word of mouth advertisement. This doesn’t mean that you should interrupt every conversation that you have with somebody to try and make a sale, but when given the opportunity, throw it out there that you are trying to sell a certain home. Before you know it, Suzy will have told Todd about a house you’re selling, and Todd’s cousin will call you because he or she is looking for a home in the same area as the home you’re trying to sell.

Tip 3) Contact Old Clients

As bad as you hate to admit it, there’s always those old clients that you never could find the perfect homes for. When you do finally come across a home that you know is sure to please one of them, give the old client a phone call or send them a quick email. Many old clients, especially those that are picky, will still be looking for their dream homes, and this provides you with a great opportunity to make good on a deal that was never closed.

Tip 4) Flyers and Posters

Flyers and posters about the homes you are selling need to become your new best friend. Some of the best places to hang these marketing materials include apartment complexes. Why is this? Because a lot of people living in apartment complexes already know what it’s like to dish out several hundred dollars a month for a place to live. And a large portion of them would be more than happy to move out of their small apartments into a house that they could call their own. This is one of the best marketing tactics you can follow as a real estate agent.

Tip 5) Websites and Blogs

You need to create for yourself a website and at least one blog. You can provide a wide range of details on the homes you are selling on these online platforms. With more than a billion people using the Internet on a daily basis, it only makes sense that you should market your services to them. No matter the home your selling, even if it’s located in a bad part of town, put it on your website and blogs. People are constantly searching for homes, and someone that is interested is sure to come across your listing.


As a real estate agent, you know how complicated the home selling process can sometimes be. Thankfully, one way to reduce the complications is by partnering with a loan officer who can provide an array of mortgage loan financing options. Contact Anthony VanDyke today to see how he can be of assistance in the home selling process. He has more than eight years of residential loan lending experience and he can provide you with great advice on getting your homes sold as quickly as possible.

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