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Anthony VanDyke

With 187 online client reviews high-lighting his expertise, communication skills and dedication, Anthony VanDyke has developed quite a successful career as a mortgage loan specialist in the state of Utah. He serves many clients in Salt Lake County, but also has clients all over Utah as well as in California. “Originally, I wanted to be a real estate investor and have money coming in from rental properties, so I got into the business to learn more about real estate investing. One thing led to another, and I fell in love with lending. It has turned out well,” shares Anthony. He became a licensed mortgage officer nearly 10 years ago, and he currently has his own brokerage firm. “Our team specializes in refinance mortgages and first-time home buyers. We help everybody,” says Anthony.

His firm’s significant number of positive testimonies from clients is indicative of his mission statement. “Our mission is to deliver a positive mortgage experience consistently. We put a lot of systems, processes and checklists in place and have different team members who work together to communicate when clients have questions or any needs. Communication really helps out. I always return phone calls the same day, and our firm has a Tuesday update call program to communicate with all of the parties involved in the transaction. If there are any changes, our system sends automatic emails
to everyone,” explains Anthony.

In addition to his top-notch customer service, Anthony excels at creative problem-solving. When thinking of finance, creativity does not always come to mind, but Anthony brings his ingenuity to the table. He says, “I’m often referred to as the ‘resurrector.’ If a loan is dead, our team keeps working until we find a way to solve it. When a potential client has bad credit, and we can’t approve them, we create a detailed plan, provide free credit repair and follow-up with them monthly until they qualify.”

Anthony’s firm has not only gained a reputation of excellence from clients, but he and his business have also been featured multiple times in Yahoo News and the Salt Lake Tribune for success in the mortgage industry. When asking Anthony what he likes most about working as a mortgage specialist, he says, “I enjoy helping people buy a home who never thought they could afford to make it happen.”

On his off hours, Anthony gives back to the community and is an avid reader. He and his firm donate time on a quarterly basis to the Utah Food Bank that provides meals to those in need. In addition to feeding children during after-school programs and delivering meals to senior citizens, the organization
has a Backpack Program that gives children backpacks filled with food so they have plenty to eat during
the weekend. Anthony explains, “We invite real estate agents and our clients to help volunteer with
whatever the Utah Food Bank needs. We have bagged food and helped sort out canned goods. The last time we volunteered, there was a 100-pound bag of beans that we had to measure into 1-pound increments so the food could be distributed.” When not giving to charity, you can find Anthony reading business books or novels by Ernest Hemingway. “I can’t get enough of Ernest Hemingway,” shares Anthony. One of my favorite books he has written is ‘A Farewell to Arms.’”




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