You Have Nothing to Lose with a Refinance

You Have Nothing to Lose with a Refinance

A recent borrower we worked with bought a townhome 18 months ago with a 4.75% rate. After running the numbers we found that we could refinance to drop her rate down to 2.625% and save her $350 per month.

At first she was super hesitant to do the refinance because she was only planning to live in Utah for another 2 years. She was interested in the idea of keeping the property as a rental when she moves out of state but had not fully made up her mind yet.

She spent hours running numbers this way and that to work out if refinancing would benefit her long term

For me it was a super easy decision because her breakeven point was only 10 months. Meaning that 10 months of saving $350 paid all of her refinance costs. She is definitely staying in Utah for another 2 years so she will save $350 every month after month 10. And if she does decide to keep the property and convert it to a rental down the road she is in a much better position to have cash flow.

She had nothing to lose with this refinance and in the long run it saved her thousands.

If you are wondering what a refinance could do for you, give me a call.
I’d love to price out some scenarios to show you what potential savings a refinance could provide for you.

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